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Homemade Khao Poon Recipe

Updated: May 7, 2023

Simple & authentic Khao Poon dish to feed your growing family.

The best Khao Poon! - Nicholas Lor (my #1 supporter)

Hey love,

Here is my simple recipe for Khao Poon. This is a grand dish that I don't cook often for my growing family but when I do, it's honestly so savory and heartwarming.

If you ever had khao poon, which is a Laos red curry noodle, you'll definitely agree that it is absolutely mouthwatering. With all the delicious ambrosial that accelerates in your mouth, I'm here to inform you that it's not all that difficult to make at home.

I'm sharing with you all my authentic recipe for this amazing dish. Khao Poon is a traditional Lao soup with red curry and rice noodles, fragrant with lemongrass and coconut.

Here is a list of ingredients you'll need (10-30 servings):

Seasoning for the Curry:

  • 1 (14oz) can of Red Curry Paste

  • 3 (4oz) cans of Thai Noodle Sauce (Namya)

  • 1 (7oz) jar of Shrimp Paste with Bean Oil

  • 2 Ginger

  • 10-20 cloves of Garlic

  • 10-15 Lime Leaves

  • 1 Galanga

  • Any meat you prefer (Chicken or Pork)

  • 1/4 cup of Olive Oil

Seasoning for the Broth (adjust to your liking as well):

  • 1-3 Stalks of Lemon Grass

  • 4 tbs Salt

  • 4 tbs Chicken Broth Seasoning

  • 1/2 cup of Oyster Sauce

  • 1/2 cup of Fish Sauce

  • 1/2 cup of Mountain Seasoning Sauce

  • 4 (13.5oz) cans of Coconut Milk

  • 1-2 cans of Bamboo Shoots

  • 1-2 cans of Baby Corn

  • 1-2 cans of Straw Mushrooms

  • 1-2 cans of Quail Eggs

  • 1-2 cans of Meatballs (pork or beef)


  • 1 bunch of Green Onions

  • 1 bunch of Cilantro

  • 1-3 Limes

  • 1 Cabbage


  • 1-2 packs of Vermicelli Noodles

Directions on how to achieve this exquisite dish:

  1. In a large pot, fill the pot 3/4 of the way with water. When the water has reached a boiling point, add the smashed lemon grass and drop it into the broth pot.

  2. In a separate pot/pan, heat the oil on high for 30 seconds.

  3. Add the minced garlic, minced ginger, sliced galanga, and lemon leaves to the separated pot/pan until it smells fragrant.

  4. Add your meat to the separated pot/pan and stir until well blended.

  5. Mix and combine the curry in the large broth pot.

  6. Add the coconut milk to the broth pot.

  7. Add the seasonings to the broth pot and stir. Let it simmer.

  8. Prepare the noodles in a separate pot filled with water.

  9. Once the noodles are ready, remove the noodle pot from the stove and replace the hot water in the pot with cold water to keep the noodles separated.

  10. Pull a handful of noodles from the pot and lay the bundle on a plate/bowl. Repeat this step until the noodles are all laid out.

  11. Wash all the condiments/garnishments and cut the herbs accordingly to your preference.

  12. Get your bowls and forks/chopsticks and spoons ready to devour this simple homemade Kao Poon dish!

I hope you'll enjoy my homemade recipe! Khao Poon is definitely my growing family's comfort food when preparation is done right, it is super easy to make! Definitely let me know if you give this recipe a try and love it as well!

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